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I live in New Hampshire, I am married to a woman, which is impressive enough, but she is also hot and a kickboxer, so I am basically married to Wonder Woman's gritty reboot. And we have a kid, which means we did "it", and two dogs, which means we like dogs.

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The World's 3 Most Awful Food Celebrations

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head DD 3-7-2011
Food is addictive; Imagine you were addicted to crack, and then imagine that without crack, you would literally waste away and die. Then imagine there were places with drive-thrus that would sell you double-decker crack with special sauce and a side of fries . In America, we love food so much,...

5 Movie Plans That Weren't Such a Great Idea

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Movieheader DD 2-23-2011
Movies are awesome; I don’t care if it’s deep and many-layered like Inception, or completely retarded (like the Star Wars prequels) I love movies. As a result, I spend way, way (way) too much time thinking about them. This has the unfortunate side effect of ruining some of my favorite...

4 Entertainment Devices That Will Make Your Ass Fatter

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wall-e-fat-people-in-chairs DD 2-17-11
One could easily argue that technology exists for the sole purpose of making our lives easier. Inventing weapons made it easier to kill the monsters that inhabited our prehistoric world, making it easier to not die. Inventing better weapons made it easier to live in fear than before, because...

5 Explosives that would give Micheal Bay wood

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header DD 03-30-2011
People love explosions. When shit blows up, people cheer. Micheal Bay has a career based on this fact; between Armageddon and The Rock, Bay used more explosives than the Manhattan Project. While most people get a charge out of a big bang, Micheal Bay experiences the same, sick sexual thrill a...