Public urination is one of those unwritten rules of society. Ultimately, no one wants to see it, smell it, or do it, but we all have at least a base-level understanding that sometimes your bladder is going to explode if you don’t pee in to someone’s mailbox right now.

Sydney, Australia, is finding that it has far more than its fair share of public pissers as the city has to clean up $7 million worth of human piss off the streets every year. To hold back the tidal waves of urine that flood the Sydney streets every Friday and Saturday whenever everyone gets pissed and then takes a piss on public domain, Sydney is employing the usage of public, open air urinals where drunk citizens can pee in public, finally combining two great drunk past times: public urination and showing off your wiener to large crowds.

Michael Stern, a former resident of Cleveland, Ohio, now living in Sydney, told AOL News, “I wouldn’t use one of these…It doesn’t look like you can wash your hands.”

And as well all know, the first thing we think after we douse a garden gnome with urine or slather a bank ATM lobby in our own liquid waste is “where can I get sanitized?”

So far, the open-air urinals are for men only. So, ladies, if you want to urinate in public, you’re just going to have to keep doing what you’ve always been doing: pee in full view of men with cameras in front of bars and clubs.


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