We are wholehearted supporters of Britney Spears’ comeback attempts.  Mostly because of shit like this.

10 Awesome Images That Are Actually Paintings – you know what we would paint?  Money.  (TheToyZone)

Thoughts On the Disappearing Russian Cargo Ship – c-o-n-spiracy!  (HolyTaco)

If Websites Were People – we’re not sure what Funnycrave would look like, we just know it would be extremely well hung.  Got that, ladies?  (Imgur)

If Websites Were People II – seriously, ladies, SO well hung.  (Imgur)

Baby Boomers Are Still Getting High – Yeah?  Well join the club.  (MSNBC)

Fat Kid In Stroller – I’m pretty sure this constitutes some form of child abuse.  (Digg)

If Schools Told the Truth – Same stuff, different fonts.  (Cracked)

It’s Impossible Not To Stare – we’re honestly kind of shocked that we aren’t in any of these pictures.  Not because we stare, it’s just that we all have really great tits.  (TheChive)

Wishing For the Return of Anna Benson – so are we.  (ExtraMustard)