Reddit is a wonderful place to waste some time. Being the user-generated content site that it is, Redditors will contribute their own, homemade time wasters. Redditor pixelcrak posted this rather remarkable Wikipedia game. The rules are included in the picture above. All you have to do is search for something on Wiki, then click the first link in the entry, ignoring any links surrounded by parenthesis. Do the same for every new page you land on and you’ll find you eventually land on the page for Philosophy. It’s strangely entertaining.

Seeing as an immature idiot, I decided to start off my journey to the Philosophy page by typing in the dumbest, grossest, most infantile words and phrases I could think of.

The following is a list of everything I searched, followed by the number of clicks it took me to reach the Philosophy page.

Smegma (redirected from my original search for “Dick Cheese”) is 12 links away from Philosophy.

Bukkake is 24 links away from Philosophy.

Anal Fissure is 12 links away from Philosophy.

Donkey Punch is 17 links away from Philosophy.

Spork is 20 links away from Philosophy.

Necrophilia is 8 Links away from Philosophy.

Vomit is 24 links away from Philosophy.

Seeing as I am now completely sickened, you play the game a post your results in the comments.