A fat girl on a mechanical bull. Hilarity ensues.

10 Things you didn’t know about Johnny Depp – #1. He thinks you’re cute, too. (RadarOnline)

Two Minutes and 33 Seconds with Ken Jeong - An Asian Spanish teacher?! Crazy.  (FunnyorDie)

U.K cops will rob you for your own good – It will teach you a lesson. (Asylum)

25 sexy girls on a boat pics – They have nice poop decks. (HolyTaco)

20 fat people wearing spandex – Like bipedal whales. (Manofest)

Did Wikipedia Murder Ted Kennedy? – DOB, you magnificent bastard. (Cracked)

iPhone commercial for Ex-boyfriends – Stalking 2.0 (Break)

“Men who stare at Goats” Trailer – George Clooney stares at goats. They die. It’s awesome.  (ScreenCrave)