Genius comes in many forms. The invention of the wheel was a stroke of genius. Edison’s work with electricity and the development of the light bulb was, pardon the pun, brilliant. But then there are the little inventions and creations that we take for granted but are still wonderful. For instance, whoever invented those little plastic caps at the end of shoe laces is a genius. Just think about how hard it must have been to lace a shoe in the pre-plastic thingys era. Who knows how many viruses and bugs your body would have absorbed by having to run the frayed end of a shoelace through your mouth to straighten-out those suckers before you futilely attempt to jam them through the lace hole? A huge portion of today’s population wouldn’t exist as their ancestors would have died young due to shoelace-related illnesses.

Following the same path is a man by the name of Tom Lombardi. Tom is a part of an online community of designers linked together through a website called Thingiverse is a place where people with big visions for things both big and little come together and share their designs for new products and improvements on the old. I implore you to check out the site as it’s filled with a lot of nifty ideas people have brought to life. But there’s one invention in particular that may change the world as we know it. Or, at least, I’ll change the way you eat cereal.

Tom invented a sifter that sifts away the dry, flavorless oat-based cereal from a box of Lucky Charms and leaves you with nothing but the delicious marshmallow-y goodness. Using a 3d printer that prints physical objects, Tom designed and printed a sifter with holes large enough to allow the oat cereal to pass through, but small enough to leave behind a cup full of hearts, clovers, rainbows, and blue moons. Seeing as I have no idea how to design anything at all, I’m going to claim that Tom is some form of wizard that specializes in the black art of snack food-centric magiks.

For this, we should honor Tom with a national holiday that we all have off from work so that we may all take a day to appreciate this Lucky Charms sifter. And by that, I mean we get a day off so we can eat dried marshmallows all day. This day shall be forever known as The Day Of Charms and Mallows. It will be on every calendar in North America and we will all be filled with giddy anticipation in the weeks leading up to it. We will plan parties and large family gatherings as we sit around large tables and consume bowl after bowl of easily sifted marshmallows.

No longer must we rifle through our Lucky Charms, carefully picking out the marshmallows with our digits. No; we live in the 21st century and we deserve a 21st century solution to our snack food problems. And Tom has given it to us.

Tom, thank you.