SARAH SILVERMAN VIDEOS: Before you get down to the gallery and the photo heavy part of the page, why not see Sarah in action? Here are some of her latest headlines to keep you on top of what is going on with this hot star.

SARAH SILVERMAN PHOTOS: Look, we’re not in the business of writing snappy headlines. Especially when there isn’t anything snappy to write about. So, we’re going the literal route and calling this what it is…a bunch of pictures of Sarah Silverman.

Granted, she’s probably doing something of note right now, but we wouldn’t know what that would be without, you know, Googling it or something. Which we did. And it turns out she’s going to be straight up nude in an upcoming film called “Take This Waltz.”

Like, just totally naked. And she’s advising her fans to go into it with low expectations. Good luck.

But putting Sarah Silverman Nude in big letters in a headline, that’s bad times. Then every office filter in America thinks you’re a porn site. But if you slip it in the first few paragraphs in bold text and then make the title something innocuous sounding, the type of people who are out there Googling “Sarah Silverman Nude” will probably check it out anyway just in case.

If you’re one of those people, it’s at this point that I regret to inform you that there are, in fact, no nude photos of Sarah Silverman anywhere to be found here.

But there are like fifty or so pretty great pictures below. You might as well check them out while you’re here.  Pervert.

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