Let’s start with some basic truths.  First, turkey is the traditional food of Thanksgiving and it is delicious.  All birds should be so delicious.  Second, no normal person likes or even tacitly approves of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and what they do.  Probably most of us support the ethical treatment of animals, so it’s kind of ironic that PETA shoots itself in the foot so much that it pushes otherwise rational, well balanced people who could support their cause away, simply because PETA is run entirely by idiots.

PETA long ago decided sensationalism and controversy were the only ways people would listen to them, as apparently all the other animal based charitable organizations in the world are doing things wrong and are only supported by the weak.  PETA felt that, in order to further their agenda they needed to alienate anyone who didn’t 100% agree with their cause through whatever aggressive, tactless means possible, because this would get a reaction.  They make their own pretend buzz by being loud, like a child who wants its parents to look at it, so they bang the pots and pans together.  It’s not good attention, but there’s so much noise you have to take a second to glance over and shake your head in dismay.

PETA’s new ad for Thanksgiving is some bullshit about a little girl saying grace and listing all the horrible things that happen to the turkey on its way to the table.  This is a two fold smack of bullshit as PETA is trying to make it seem like it’s the inhumane treatment they abhor when in fact their agenda is pretty much full on vegan so it’s the consumption of a turkey at all they have an issue with.  Plus the fact that the bird needs to be killed somehow and they’re probably not going to approve of any method of animal slaughter any time soon, flying in the face of many thousands of years of human eating habits.  But nevermind that.

No, we’re here today to applaud PETA’s pathetic faux-advertising campaigns.  They produce campaigns that are purposely inflammatory and then take a stance as the hard-done-by crusaders for good oppressed by the unenlightened.  After that dude on a bus in Canada chopped off a fellow passenger’s head and ate part of him, PETA exploited that for a beef industry ad, likening the two events.  PETA is retarded.  Sure, they get in the news allowing the so-called banned ads to be seen, but they’re seen by people who are reading a story about how PETA is run by idiots.  And how their messages are idiotic.  And bow, if you supported their cause, you’d be an idiot too.

This holiday season, FunnyCrave invites you to get your turkey from a local farm so you can see first hand how it was raised and shake the hand of the man who killed it.  Take a photo with him and send it to PETA.  Tell them to blow you.  Happy Thanksgiving!