I’m not a sentimental man, but ever since moving off the farm and in to the big city I occasionally find myself wistfully thinking back to those sublime days on the ranch. The chickens, the pigs…the cow farts. Man, you know, they say the sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to recalling a memory. That must be why every time I squish my nose up in to a cows rectum and take in a big whiff I am reminded of home.

If the statement above is something you’ve thought before, then those freaky Germans — who brought us such hits as porn with people pooping on each other – are leading the way in a new form of memory recalling technology that, as of now, is mostly being purchased by people that used to live on farms. It’s cow farts in a can.

The Countryside Air To Go project, as it’s called, collects the air from within “ageing wooden stables, straw lined and filled with gas producing cattle”, and then cans the air so it can be sniffed by people that really miss the wide open spaces and the green grass, but mostly the stench of partially digested food slapping its way out of a cow’s ass.

The company’s website is, as one would expect, in German. I wanted to know what the text I was greeted with said, so I copy and pasted it in to the always hilarious Google Translate. This is what it gave me:

Get the original Bavarian stable smell home! With stable fragrance from the can! Original barn smell in a can

They are looking for something other gift ideas you can use to amaze your friends, family and friends? They want to know how it smells really in a stable? It should be a small but impressive gift or a small gift? Visit our shop with the original Bavarian barn smell from the can.

The aluminum can is resealable and includes a textile odorants. What is the original barn smell more often than once may enjoy.

It’s good to know that if I want to insult my friends, family, and friends and sully their homes, I now have the ability to purchase a can of bovine butt funk and ensure that my friends, family, and friends will never get the stench out of the drapes. Now that’s a lasting memory. Hi-yooooo!

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