Christopher Chaney

Remember that steady stream of celebrity nude pictures we saw not too long ago?  Well, they all originated with a single man, and that man is now is FBI custody. Christopher Chaney is the man responsible for hacking in the cell phones of over 50 celebrities and watching every single message enter and exit their phones as it happened. Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera – all sent texts that may or may not feature their boobies and pee-pees and all of those texts were intercepted by Chaney. And when you look at him, can you blame him? If you were casting a movie about a guy that hacks in to the cell phones of female celebrities in order to steal their nude pics, wouldn’t you cast an egg-shaped man with a wooly beard? In other words, wouldn’t Paul Giamatti play this guy in a movie? Without question he would.

In this CNN article, Chaney discusses how hacking in to celebrity phones became an addiction, and, honestly, when you read his words and even hear them in the video CNN provides, the guy sounds sincere. He really does sound like a man that lost control and he hates himself because of it. He may or may not actually feel that way, but at the very least he can make it sound like he gives a damn.

In the video interview he gave, Chaney stated that he never sold and never intended to sell any of the pictures he stole from phones. And that’s admirable. This dude stole nudes of some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood — and didn’t do it to make a quick buck. This guy did it for the love of the game, man! See, now that’s a role model that children can look up to. This guys wasn’t invading the private lives of celebrities so he can become rich and powerful; he did it because he genuinely loved the sport of stealing naked pictures of famous people. In this age of athletes changing allegiances for bigger pay days and people making a mockery of themselves on reality TV to make some easy money, this guy, Christopher Chaney, is staying true to his passion and refuses to sell his soul and bow down to the almighty dollar.

So, from everyone here at FunnyCrave, Mr. Chaney, we commend you for being one of the last remaining men of honor and decency.

We also condemn you for being just like every other creepy, paparazzi asshole that has no honor or decency.

To you, we say both Thank You and F*ck You.