See Kesha in action, then scroll down to see the gallery:

The music of Ke$ha wavers uncontrollably between moderately tolerable and painfully aggravating. We assumed she’d just put out that “Tik Tok” single and kind of fade back into obscurity, but it’s looking like that isn’t going to be the case for awhile.

On November 22nd, the wacky songstress releases Cannibal, a follow up EP to her smash debut album, Animal. To gear up for that, she recently shot a video for her anti-bullying anthem, unfortunately titled “We R Who We R.” So, hate it all you want, but it looks like she’s sticking around for awhile.

And that’s not a completely bad thing. Trash the music all you want, but you have to give the woman credit on one count…she’s absolutely gorgeous. Sure, she sometimes hides that beauty in a gigantic whirlwind of crazy, but look close enough and you’ll still see it. Check out the pictures below and see for yourself. These are the 101 hottest pictures of Ke$ha from around the internet.