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JESSICA ALBA: Yesterday, we mentioned that topless photos of Kat Dennings, the lovely and talented actress from The 40-Year Old Virgin and countless other films, had been posted online. Remarkably, on the very same day that those pictures leaked, word also came down that topless photos of none other than Jessica Alba had found their way to the internet also. That’s right, the dream we’ve all dreamed of seems to have come true.

Awesome, right? Well, you might remember that we mentioned the Kat Dennings pictures didn’t really end up being all that racy. We even posted them online. Unfortunately, the same holds true for the topless photos of Jessica Alba that have now surfaced. In fact, we’d go so far as to call them kind of boring. Way to disappoint, internet.

It’s all well though, the internet is full of incredible pictures of Jessica Alba, even if they are of the safe for work variety. To prove it, we’ve collected 110 of the sexiest Jessica Alba pictures from around the internet for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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