So, last night, Occupy Boston got a visit from that outstanding human rights organization, the Boston Police Department, and it went about as well as you’d expect. Why were dozens arrested and lots of photos taken of BPD officers doing what they do second-best, namely pushing around citizens who aren’t committing a crime anybody cares that much about?

Because they were putting up tents.

OK, OK, the excuse is that they were a bunch of unruly people and Boston never is full of a bunch of angry people, except whenever there’s a game one of their sports teams loses. So, yeah, lately there’s been a lot of that.

Anyway, it seems like every time a bunch of unemployed people and college students want to peaceably assemble lately, the cops’ first impulse is to club them. Even though it’s stupid.

Believe me, I am all for clubbing the ever loving $#!t out of hippies, but, first of all, most of the people involved in this are either college kids or, uh, people who just want jobs. I’m sure there are some hippies, but the reason that guy smells bad and has a beard is probably because he got evicted from his apartment and can’t afford soap, not because he’s protesting the Man.

You guys do realize that’s a PR nightmare, right? Look at WeAreThe99Percent, the semi-official Tumblr. That’s largely who these protesters are. “Curbstomping a mother of three who just wants to feed her kids” does not exactly look good on the evening news. And if the idea is to shut the protest down before anybody notices, first of all, you’ve got hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in a tent city in pretty much every major metropolitan area. It ain’t going away anytime soon.

Secondly, every time you decide to try out your new pepper spray, it increases media coverage. So, maybe try respecting some Constitutional rights? Just an idea.