Most parents would probably say the very idea of losing sight of their child is one of their biggest fears. And that’s certainly what the mother of 4-year-old Bryce McCraken from Stoutland, Missouri must have felt this past Sunday when Bryce went missing after playing with his brothers in the back yard of their home.

Thankfully, the story has an ending that’s more than just happy, it’s downright epic. It turns out that Bryce wandered off and got lost during a game of Hide and Seek that eventually sparked a 10 hour, 250 man search; thus proving that 4-year-old Bryce McCraken of Stoutland, Missouri may just be the greatest Hide and Seek player of all time.

While playing the game with his brothers, Bryce wandered off in to the wilderness to hide, not knowing that he would achieve a level of camouflage that few humans ever attain. It also helps that Bryce was actually wearing camouflage during the game, which hid him from the view of his rescuers.

Soon thereafter a large-scale manhunt began that involved 250 volunteers, including people on foot, in trucks and on horseback. The volunteers ventured through darkened woods filled with dangerous wildlife, through lakes and rivers, and all under the cover of darkness with the light of the moon shining down from above. After over 10 hours of searching, everyone breathed a deep sigh of relief as Bryce was found. But now we must all bow down at the feet of King Bryce McCraken, Lord of Hide and Seek.


Only a vast army could have brought the boy in to view!

From here on forth, all children that merrily cloak themselves during a round of the classic childhood game will have to live up to the legacy of King Bryce McCraken,. They will use his example as a divining rod that can lead them to Hide and Seek glory! The burden of having such a legendary Hide and Seek player’s legacy looming over their shoulders may be too much for some children, but for those that can brave the wilderness and become one with their surroundings, using nature to conceal them from their pursuers, then they, too, may one day reach the summit of the innocent-childhood-game mountain and be one with the Hide and Seek Gods! Just as Bryce has!

King Bryce, Lord of Hide and Seek, from all of us that have played the very game you now preside over, we honor thee.