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I am the managing editor of this fine comedy site you're currently on,, and I have been with the site since it began in mid-2009. I am also an editor and contributor for I have also written for the prestigious, Playboy's, along with a series of other sites. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at

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We Answer The Burning Question: Why Did The Supercommittee Fail?

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  Today will mark the official death of the experiment to bridge the divide between the left and the right in America, as the 12-member super committee that was formed to work out a debt reduction deal will announce that the past few months they’ve spent working on a deal has produced the...

"Telepathically Raping" Your Wife Is No Reason To Shoot A Man

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Michael Selleneit
Shooting someone while not in self-defense is cowardly. If you shoot them because you’re mad at them, or have a minor, ultimately frivolous disagreement with them, you’re pathetic. Of course, that’s a very broad statement, so maybe I should get a little bit more specific. Don’t shot...