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I am the managing editor of this fine comedy site you're currently on,, and I have been with the site since it began in mid-2009. I am also an editor and contributor for I have also written for the prestigious, Playboy's, along with a series of other sites. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at

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Things I Think When I Post Something On Twitter

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twitter_bird_follow_me LP 2-1-11
Twitter is one of those wonderful modern day inventions that I have almost no use for. It's all well and good for some people, but I don't feel the near constant need to tell people what I think about things. Some people do, and that's cool. I'm just not one of them. So to me, Twitter is a...

Dripping With Sadness: Which Fatty Meals Will Make Me Depressed?

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Crying While Eating LP 1-27-10
A newly released study coming out of Spain claims that consuming high amounts of fatty foods can lead to depression. The authors of the study spent six years analyzing the diets and life styles of 12,000 volunteers who had all been diagnosed as not suffering any signs of depression. By the end...