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Five Reasons “The Office” Is The Bleakest Drama On TV

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Squirrel LP 7-28-10
Do you really want to read about TV? Click here the video to latest headlines and stay ahead of the curve. "What we have here is the ultimate smackdown between the Nard Dog and crippling despair, loneliness and depression. I intend to win." – Actual dialogue “The Officeâ€...

Free Republic Commenters: Really That Crazy, or Just Trolls?

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freeper-alert DS 3-27-2011
    A useful law to be aware of is Poe's Law, which states that any attempt to satirize an extreme viewpoint will inevitably be mistaken by somebody as actually representing that viewpoint.  It makes figuring out satire on the Internet difficult, and taking insane sites seriously nearly...

4 Reasons Why Buying a Puppy Turns You Into a Monster

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  In December, my girlfriend and I got a puppy, a Shih Tzu, from her coworker, who'd bought two Shih Tzus that had never shown any interest in each other until surprise!  Puppies!  Neither of us had owned our own dog before, and we were looking forward to years of adorable...

Let's Terrify Small Children For Christmas

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You know what? Other countries have way more fun on Christmas. Seriously. The Japanese dress up like trees and scare small children, the Europeans have Krampus who accompanies Santa and eats bad children and just spanks the naughty ones, and we've got the occasional lump of coal. You know...